Are you in Love or is it addiction?

Being in love pushes all your buttons! What’s happening when you feel irritated at your partner for not recognizing or meeting one of your unmet needs? Is it him or her? Or is it you? Would you like to know how to tease apart what is yours and what is not? How do you do it? How do you evolve your relationships with others that expresses the deepest part of your soul and spirit? Do you objectify others (what utility he or she serves for you) or is the purpose in the relationship to honor the soul of yourself and the other?

So is it love, attachment, or addiction? Can you recognize the difference? Ram Dass speaks to this dilemma in relationships that so many face. He says that we make the mistake of thinking that the person can give us something that we crave–that sense of oneness, safety, connection, peace and serenity that comes with our orgasm. So we covet the person in order to gain the feeling we seek and become addicted to the act instead of recognizing that we just want to FEEL CONNECTED in this life. The following link is a Q & A session where he addresses this challenge of the spirit. ~ Namaste