Why am I feeling like this?

This posting is focused upon the work of one of the great healers that I admire, Jim Self. My admiration for his ability to help others heal goes deep because he was pivotal in helping to save someone who I love very much who was going through a very dark time in his life. As a teen, this person needed help to find and remember his own truth, not the truths that he had incorporated into his self (smaller “self”) from others and society. Through Jim’s work, my loved one discovered and harnessed his own truth and power that enabled him to move forward in life and excel because he had learned much about self-empowerment and how to live in Present Time from Jim and Jim’s partner, Roxane. Blessed people.

In this document that I’ve attached to this blog post, you will learn more about The Shift in the energetic fields of our planet and how this is affecting the world and people. His wisdom helps to explain the chaos that many people are experiencing in their lives, which allows us to stop the projecting of our woes onto others and helps us see that this is just the nature of the shift that is happening. As the magnetic and energetic systems around us flux and change, our emotions and bodies are also feeling the effects. How will you handle these upsets? Will you go down the same path you’ve traveled or will you be able to step back and rise above it so that you can begin to live more from your Awakened Self?

Jim has the unique ability to remember everything from when he is asleep. His information is esoteric and includes such ideas that help us better understand our spiritual journey this lifetime, helping us to Awaken to what we have simply forgotten. I hope that you find his message helpful to your journey and that you will explore his website if his message interests you. ~ Namaste

Jim Self’s ebook, “The Shift”