• Cultivating the Courage to Love with Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax, Krishna Das and Friends


    Cultivating the Courage to Love Videos Mark this page so that you can partake in the wisdom of this satsang. When our soul thirsts for guidance and spiritual knowledge, these teachers are soulful guides.

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  • Do Words Matter?


    Have you ever wondered if your words have power? If so, what is the effect? Does it only affect our conscious awareness, or is there an effect at a deeper cellular level? I was recently reminded of the power of words and felt that it would be helpful to post the video of Dr. Masaru […]

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  • Are you in Love or is it addiction?


    Being in love pushes all your buttons! What’s happening when you feel irritated at your partner for not recognizing or meeting one of your unmet needs? Is it him or her? Or is it you? Would you like to know how to tease apart what is yours and what is not? How do you do […]

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  • What it means to stand back and observe rather than believing we are the “do-er”


    To be the witness…”is a voluntary creation of the intellect, a place of detached watching of phenomenal activity, where no judging or comparing takes place. (“if you wish to see the truth/then hold no opinions for or against anything.”) Just see what is. The witness dwells in the cool space between the heat of one’s […]

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  • The Heart Mind Knows


    As we witness our own mind from inside, we learn that this witness-consciousness is part of the heart-mind. In his book, “Be Love Now,” Ram Dass reminds us that our heart-mind is our awareness turned inward, awareness of the spiritual universe within, and the quality of that awareness, the feeling that accompanies it, is love.” […]

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  • Health news from Stanford Research


    Limos, the Greek goddess of starvation, must have relied on limostatin, the eponymous hormone recently discovered by Stanford researchers, to survive hunger. – See more at: http://scopeblog.stanford.edu/category/stanford-news/

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  • Why am I feeling like this?


    This posting is focused upon the work of one of the great healers that I admire, Jim Self. My admiration for his ability to help others heal goes deep because he was pivotal in helping to save someone who I love very much who was going through a very dark time in his life. As […]

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  • Having a bad day?


    When we are in the midst of our own attachments, it seems that nothing goes right. We want this, but we get that. We expect something to be one way and yet the universe has other ideas. Perhaps there is a seed of wisdom within the dilemma we are facing (or running from). That seed […]

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  • Stilling the Mind


    In this talk, Ram Dass reminds us that thoughts create our experiences and thus our reality. When we can still our minds, we rest in the HERE AND NOW, opening our hearts to hear the message of our inner voice. We don’t have to use thoughts to explain what is happening…still your mind to hear […]

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  • Fri, Jul 11, 2014


    Can sexuality become a path to greater spiritual wisdom? How can we use this powerful energy to bond more closely in our hearts to our partners? Is it possible or must we see sex as an objectification of another? We can move our sexual energies to higher levels of vibration that bond our spirits more […]

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