Mindfulness? What is it and how does this awareness help you to Awaken? We are learning that mindfulness helps us to reduce our stress levels and even helps children to do better in school.


Consciousness & Phenomenology

What is reality? Is reality out there waiting for us to notice it, or do we actually play a part in what we experience of our world? What we learn and how we define words plays into how we perceive those things.


The Power of the Mind to Heal

With the rising costs of medical care and prescription drugs, we need to find ways to prevent illness. What effect can our minds have upon our health? Learn more and live life from the Awakened Self that is empowered in life.


Our Soul’s Story

There are three webinars that I gave speaking about Our Soul’s Story.


Message of Water

Do you realize how important it is to monitor your thoughts and words? How does it feel when you are around negative people? Don’t you feel it in your body? There is a good reason for this because words and thoughts affect the water in our bodies. Click on the pic for more…