Dr. Sharon Joy Ng

It is my hope that you will find the information on this site helpful to your Awakening. There is a wealth of information to help you on your journey.

Each portal has a number of tools or links that will help you evolve your life in many ways:

– Learn about the nature of human consciousness evolution;
– Get tools to ensure that your relationships are healthy and thriving;
– Discover the nature of Codependence and how to heal from it;
– Gain tools to better communicate with others;
– Discover chi kung exercises for optimal health and sexual functioning;
– Flex your body and consciousness with yoga postures;
– Watch videos about consciousness and spirituality;
– Learn creative exercises to help you grow;
– More!

Be brave! Explore! This is where YOU will be the hero or heroine in your life’s story! Don’t worry about which one you “should” do first…get rid of the “tyranny of the shoulds” and free yourself to explore which ever path speaks most intimately to you. Through this journey to evolve your Awakened Self, you become the hero or heroine of your life, slaying dragons that taunt you, getting those monkeys off of your back, and freeing the Self within that was always supposed to be YOU. Get ready for a most worthwhile adventure to the Awakened Self.