Misunderstandings can arise if we don’t know the purpose of communication for each gender. Why is it such a challenge for us to communicate with others, especially someone of the opposite sex?




Find out what goes on in a person’s mind, psyche, spirit, and soul who identifies with the symptoms of codependence. What is codependence? Who is at-risk and how does it develop? What factors play into the development of codependent behavior and from where do they come? Is it possible to go beyond recovery and actualize full healing from the condition? What would that mean?



Gender Knowledge

What are the effects of living in a patriarchal society? What is it and how does it affect males and females differently? Learn why defining what is feminine or masculine may prevent us from Awakening to our Soul Story…




Sexuality is a component part of our sense of Self. Discovering that individuality, however, takes a peeling off of layers of the effects of our environmental molding that has bombarded us with images and “how we ought to look” to be appealing. Yet the media only portrays what I would refer to as the more shallow layers of what our sexuality truly is at the deeper levels of Self. We are more than our appearance and despite what the media shows us, face lifts and other means of altering our natural appearance don’t necessarily equate to feeling better about ourselves. Our sexuality is complex and will require us to look at it from different angles.