Tools to Awaken

Below are links that lead to a number of tools that will assist you in your Awakening process. Explore and Enjoy!


Art Therapy

A picture is worth a thousand words. Words don’t always work when we try to express our feelings or ideas but if we use other mediums of expression we release the pent up energy that begs to be released. By creating art works that represent our dreams, feelings and ideas, we give voice to our soul. We awaken the non-verbal self and let it free.




Stressors can make us sick. How we handle what comes our way will determine whether illness catches us or not. Learn postures to help you relax, sleep better, slow racing thoughts, and to become more flexible in both body and mind.



Candle Exercise

How do we learn to slow our minds down and not be stressed with all the thoughts that go in and out of our consciousness? To Awaken from our Waking Sleep, we need to focus consciousness on the Here and Now. Click on the candle and do the CANDLE EXERCISE to train your consciousness to be present…



Chi Kung

Chi kung is an ancient martial arts practice that works with the energy system of the body. Chi is universal energy and is everywhere—inside our bodies, around us, throughout the universe. It cannot be seen and does not travel within physical structures in our bodies like arteries or veins, but travel through 12 major meridians. When energy is blocked in any of the meridians we feel sluggish and out of sorts. It can even lead to disease if we don’t keep the chi flowing. I have studied with Grand Master Mantak Chia studying the Universal-Tao system of chi kung focusing on medical, healing, and sexual chi kung. The articles and links that I share are based upon this system.